The Moment of Truth: Inversion Method Results

Despite my skepticism, last week I decided to try the “Inversion Method” for hair growth (see previous post for details). Well today is officially my last day, and I’ve come with results.

First off, I have to say that I did not follow the directions as I said I would. I still massaged my scalp and lay inverted for four minutes, but I did not use any oil after the first day. I realized how oily it made my hair, and decided against it. After washing my hair, the little oil I applied and my natural sebum seemed oily enough anyway. I don’t know if this affected my results or not.

Secondly, before I did any actual measuring, I just looked at my hair. It could very well be a placebo affect, but my hair looked and felt thicker. Now this could just be because the hair I’m seeing is natural, and I’m used to looking at relaxed hair. But even if the inversion didn’t make a difference in length, I feel like it affected thickness.

Okay, now on to the actual results. When I last measured my new growth, I was almost at one and a half inches (give or take in some places). Today, most of my new growth is between one and three fourths and two inches. This is between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch of growth. Not exactly one inch, but that does seem pretty good for only one week.

But my results have lead me to a few questions.

1. How do I know if this isn’t just my normal hair growth?

2. Will I get the same results if I try again next month?

3. Will I get less hair growth for the rest of the month after doing this method?

4. Am I imagining a bigger difference than is really there, because I wanted the method to work?

These are things that I can’t be sure of. However, I’m relatively happy with my hair growth over the course of this week. The scalp massages were nice, and I felt no ill effects from being inverted for the four minutes. With that being said, I see no reason that I won’t try this method again next month. I’ll make sure to do more accurate measurements next time, so I can really judge if the method works.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading & happy hair journeys!


9 thoughts on “The Moment of Truth: Inversion Method Results

  1. LetmebeRae

    Hmmm who REALLY got an inch of growth from doing this. And what products and hair care methods were they already doing on top of that. There are so many variables that can play a part in hair growth so it’s hard to tell when something truly works

  2. Alexis

    I am actually in the middle of trying the inversion method for the second time (although the first time I hadn’t completely gone through with it). I had found out about it and have been reading and watching videos about it for quite some time now. I missed yesterday! 😦 but I filled in for that earlier today and am going to once again a little later tonight to count as today’s inversion. Do you think that will affect the process in at all? I hope not. I finally decided to go completely through and finish without any interruption/delays/distractions. I’m biracial, my hair is 13-14 in. in front, about 12 in. the middle, and in the very back 14 in. and 12 in other places. I would like to keep in touch with you so that we can share our hair experiences and give eachother helpful advice and ideas!

    1. adoremejay Post author

      Hey Alexis,

      I really doubt one day will hurt you, especially since you filled in for it later. I haven’t tried it again since the first time, but I think I will soon just to see if it really works. You should definitely let me know your results! Keep in touch as well, I’d love to have someone to share hair experiences with!


  3. SamKlyn

    Hi there! I am in the middle of doing the inversion method for the second time and hoping that I will have great results this time too! The first time I did it I gained on average 2.5″ all around my hair (front, sides & back). It was amazing and I couldn’t believe it! I started to see results after 3 days. My hair does grow reasonably fast. My background is Dutch/South African (Afrikaans) – Not sure if nationality plays a role in hair growth or not. But this has been my experience so far. Hope it helps!

    1. adoremejay Post author

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I didn’t see extraordinary results my first time, but I definitely want to try it again. If my growth is even half of yours I’ll be happy! Lol

  4. Josephine

    hey there, i’ve never tried the inversion method but i need someone to tell me it actually works, i’ve died my hair a few times and its kinda dead does that matter? and does it make hair noticeably thicker?

    1. adoremejay Post author

      It seemed to work, but not quite as well as I wanted it to. I read a few things about possible blood clots when inverting yourself too often, so I’ve decided to stop. Better safe than sorry. If you want thicker hair I recommend Shea Moisture’s thickening line of products. They’re great and they really work!

  5. Sharron

    Girl it wont work without the heated oil, the heat stimulates blood to your scalp and when you invert, it intensifies! If it gets to oily for you, just cowash it out when your done inverting! 🙂

  6. d

    I’m a nurse. inverting yourself daily for a few minutes won’t hurt you unless you have some other health issue, pregnancy, blood pressure problems….etc….. just massaging your scalp will increase blood flow to it. warm oils are good for your hair though……


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