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The Moment of Truth: Inversion Method Results

Despite my skepticism, last week I decided to try the “Inversion Method” for hair growth (see previous post for details). Well today is officially my last day, and I’ve come with results.

First off, I have to say that I did not follow the directions as I said I would. I still massaged my scalp and lay inverted for four minutes, but I did not use any oil after the first day. I realized how oily it made my hair, and decided against it. After washing my hair, the little oil I applied and my natural sebum seemed oily enough anyway. I don’t know if this affected my results or not.

Secondly, before I did any actual measuring, I just looked at my hair. It could very well be a placebo affect, but my hair looked and felt thicker. Now this could just be because the hair I’m seeing is natural, and I’m used to looking at relaxed hair. But even if the inversion didn’t make a difference in length, I feel like it affected thickness.

Okay, now on to the actual results. When I last measured my new growth, I was almost at one and a half inches (give or take in some places). Today, most of my new growth is between one and three fourths and two inches. This is between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch of growth. Not exactly one inch, but that does seem pretty good for only one week.

But my results have lead me to a few questions.

1. How do I know if this isn’t just my normal hair growth?

2. Will I get the same results if I try again next month?

3. Will I get less hair growth for the rest of the month after doing this method?

4. Am I imagining a bigger difference than is really there, because I wanted the method to work?

These are things that I can’t be sure of. However, I’m relatively happy with my hair growth over the course of this week. The scalp massages were nice, and I felt no ill effects from being inverted for the four minutes. With that being said, I see no reason that I won’t try this method again next month. I’ll make sure to do more accurate measurements next time, so I can really judge if the method works.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading & happy hair journeys!


Grow Your Hair An Inch In A Week?

Skeptical? Yeah me too. 

So, I was on Youtube a little while ago, and I saw the same title that you just did. Of course I was skeptical, but there was that little part of me that was curious too. I went ahead and clicked the link , because I just had to know what this “hair secret” was. 

Apparently there is something called the Inversion Hair Growth Method, that involves oiling your hair, massaging your scalp, and turning upside down for about 4 minutes. I know it sounds weird, right? But, it seems like all the people that tried it have noticed good results. This method increases blood flow to your head, and promotes growth. So, I’ve decided to try it out, and I’ll post my results here in a week.

Here’s the process:

First, choose an oil. Most people use olive oil. I used a mix of olive, castor, and coconut oils. I separated my hair into four sections, but this isn’t necessary. Next, put the oil on your scalp and massage it for about a minute. Then, you can either bend forward (as if you’re touching your toes/washing your hair in the sink) or you can lean back (like leaning your head off a bed). Stay this way for about 4 minutes, then SLOWLY, very slowly, sit back up. Do this everyday for seven days. 

From what I’ve read, you shouldn’t do this more than once a month. One site suggested that when you do this the first week, it shocks your body into doing something it might not normally do. If you continue to do it everyday, your body may adapt/adjust to what you’re doing and not produce the same results.


1. I’ve never done this before. This is not me recommending it. I’m simply saying what I’ve learned about it. I’ll be posting my results in a week, and I can say then if I recommend it or not.

2. Some people have experienced headaches and/or dizziness from this. If you are prone to headaches, migraines, etc. or you just don’t want to deal with that, then don’t try this.

I’ve measured my new growth about one and a half inches. So, I can’t wait to see if this method really works or not. Guess I’ll find out in a week! Until then happy hair journeys everyone! 🙂

Flexi Rod Set!

Hi guys!

So I tried a flexi rod set Friday and I love my hair! I think I’ve found my go to transitioning style (for as long as it works anyway).

I started with my basic regimen: 

Protein DC on dry hair with ORS Hair Mayo, Shampoo CON Sulfate Free Shampoo, Moisturizing DC with Aussie Moist 3 Min Miracle, then T shirt dried my hair. I used Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In and an oil blend(olive, coconut and castor) on a small section of hair then rolled it with half inch flexi rods (the red ones)

I actually did it on a Friday, and it didn’t dry completely by that night. So as I took each flexi rod out I two strand twisted that section of hair. I did that through my entire head, then left it while I got dressed to go out. By the time I took the twists down I absolutely loved the look! Plus rolling my hair helps to stretch my new growth and keep it soft.

I’m on day 3 of my hair and it still looks pretty good. I maintain it using the pineapple method at night. For those that son’t know what that is, I gather all my hair at the top of my head. Then I put a loose scrunchie on it (just once so it won’t leave a dent or be too tight). Then I put a satin cap on top. It helps to keep the curls from getting crushed while you sleep, and gives you a little volume the next morning as well.

Anyways I’m loving it! Here are a few pics:

With the Flexi Rods:



Day 1:



Day 2:



Day 3:


Hair Update w/ Pictures

Hello there!

So, I haven’t been able to post because my computer wouldn’t connect to my school wifi for some reason *side eye*. But the problem seems to be fixed, so here I am.

Not too much has changed but I just wanted to do a quick hair update. My regimen is still the same, and the filtered water is coming in handy because the water here is definitely hard.

But anyway, here’s my latest growth update. I’m about 12-13 weeks post (I forgot when exactly I took these). I’m just enjoying seeing my natural curl pattern come in & trying out styles to blend these textures. Sorry the pictures aren’t great lol.




The Miracle That Is Filtered Water

So I’m sitting in my room one day looking at a half full bottle of water when I think, “Hmm I wonder if I can wash my hair with this…” As you guys may soon realize, I’m a google addict, so I went to google to see if any other people had tried it. Turns out I’m far from alone! All I saw was raving & recommendations for using bottled/distilled/filtered water at least as a final rinse.

So today I decided to give it a try. First I deep conditioned with ORS hair mayo as always. Then I cowashed with V05 Moisture Milks. I rinsed that out in the shower then did my final rinse with bottled water. I used a good bottle & a half to make sure my hair was thoroughly rinsed.

After I t shirt dried my hair I could tell the difference immediately! My hair was smooth, silky, & sooooo shiny!! I added a little leave in & sealed the moisture in with a new oil blend I’m trying (coconut, castor, olive & tea tree oil) which is also AMAZING!

I can’t believe how soft & nice my hair feels. Like, I literally can’t keep my hands out I it. It’s pretty much all the way dry now & it feels great! The ends are a bit puffy because I air dried, but overall my hair did well.

I’m not telling you to go out & buy cases of water every month, but I would definitely look into an alternative. I already have a Brita pitcher so I’ve just decided to filter my tap water one week at a time. You could also get a water softener or a shower filter. Some people even use rain water! All I have to say is at least try it once. I’m sure you’ll live the results. And if you don’t, you won’t have lost much anyway.

Happy hair styling!

My Current Hair Regimen & Growth



My current hair regimen is pretty simple, at least to me. I used to be a product junkie, but I’m trying to cut back and only use what I need.

1. Protein  Deep Condition with ORS Hair Mayo & olive oil under a plastic cap for about an hour. Some people don’t agree with DCing dry, but I wouldn’t be able to detangle without it!

2. Rinse and detangle.

3. Shampoo with Creme of Nature Sulfate Free Argon Oil Moisture and Shine

4. Squeeze out as much water as possible. Then Moisture Deep Condition with Aussie 3 minute miracle while I shower.

5. Make sure my hair is thoroughly detangled then final rinse in cool water. 

6. ACV rinse once a month

7. T-shirt dry my hair (no rubbing)

8. Add Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave In & seal with an oil (olive, coconut, or a tea tree oil mix I have) I recently bought castor oil so I may try that.

I usually like to do a light moisturizing oil while wet, because sometimes I remoisturize and seal when my hair is dry.

I wash once a week, air dry, and style depending on how I feel.

Most days I let my hair dry, moisturize & seal again, then pull it back in a bun.

If I want a style I add a serum and either twist or flexi rod my hair.






The photo is about 10 weeks (2.5 months) post relaxer. The front of my hair seems to have a looser wavy/kinky pattern. The middle or crown had a tighter kinky pattern. I can never get a good picture of the crown because it’s so thick. Maybe it’ll be more obvious when it grows out a little more. 

I’m currently almost 13 weeks post.

About Me

So I figured I’d start off by talking about me. This blog is mostly for my personal use and to keep up with things for myself, but anyone can feel free to read it. I’ll say now that this will probably be a pretty long post. So it’s definitely not necessary to read it. It’s just a bit about my & my hair care before I decided to start a healthy hair journey.

I’m currently a college sophomore beginning my healthy hair journey. I got my first relaxer about 7 years ago (after begging and pleading with my mother for a while). I was old enough at the time that I still remember my hair texture. I had very thick hair, which I hated to get combed. It was long, but I dealt with a lot of shrinkage. It was also so soft that heat alone would only keep it straight for a few hours at best. I wanted to be like all my friends who had straight (relaxed) hair. So finally, when my mother could arrange for me to go to the beauty salon every 2 weeks, she let me get a relaxer.

My hair did pretty good, even up to this point, despite all the damage I caused to it. When I got to high school, I had my hair bleached about 3 times, got a permanent color, and then finally stuck to rinses. I still had my bi weekly hair appointments at the salon, so my hair was at least being taken care of to an extent. It grew, but because of the color, I was constantly trimming split ends.

Then college happened. Up until my senior year of high school I had never had to do my own hair. I honestly didn’t even know how to wash my own hair. A few months before I graduated I started doing my own hair so I would have practice before I left. So every two weeks I was washing my hair, blow drying, and flat ironing. This wasn’t the best idea with my relaxed and colored hair, but I didn’t know any better then. Again, despite all the damage, my hair grew longer than it ever had before. BUT, I had the worst split ends and I could see my hair was thinning, especially toward the bottom. I had no idea what to do, so sadly I kept doing what I was doing.

It wasn’t until after my first year of college that I really started researching about hair and reading a lot of hair forums. I learned about moisturizing & sealing, heat protection, and air drying. Things I’ve never heard about or even considered. At that point I had been stretching my relaxers, but that was only because I was obsessed with length. My longest stretch had been 4 months.

Anyway, like I said I had been reading all about healthy hair. At first I was going to try to have a HHJ with relaxed hair. As I thought more about it, I decided to transition to natural hair. Reasons:

1. Even with stretching my relaxers, I would have to go to the salon 3-4 times a year just to pay someone to do it (I would never trust myself to relax at home)

2. The relaxer is damaging to the hair. Every time I was in the salon I would see ladies who had been relaxing  their whole lives. Most had short, breaking hair. Even if they had longer hair, it was thin and brittle looking.

3. I realized that I would be getting relaxers for the rest of my life. Seriously, who wants to do that?

4. I want to get back to my original, natural texture. I think natural hair can be beautiful. When I got a relaxer, I just wanted straight, manageable hair. Now that I’ve done research, I see that my hair can be natural and still manageable.

5. No more worrying about “scratching in my head” before a relaxer lol

6. Length retention

I know my hair can grow with a relaxer, but I don’t think it will reach it’s strongest and healthiest potential unless I’m natural. I will be transitioning without the big chop because I prefer long hair. Short hair may work for some people, but it doesn’t compliment my face at all! Lol.

So, this had just been a little bit about me. If anyone wonders why I’m going natural, or anything about my hair before my HHJ this is it 🙂