My First Lace Front Wig

Gahhh I’m so excited. I’ve been contemplating getting a wig forever, because I think they’d be the perfect protective style for me. I would get full coverage of my hair, and it would still be easily accessible if I wanted to wash or moisturize it. Anyway, because of the cost I always admired a lot of wigs, but in the end I would never buy them. I was also worried about it looking too  fake or “wiggy”. Well today I finally took the plunge. I placed my order for a 12 inch Italian yaki lace front wig from Both the seller and the unit got very good reviews. I also looked up other Indian yaki texture wigs on YouTube, and every last one of them looked so natural. So now that I’ve placed my order, I have to wait for it to be processed and then shipped. the whole process shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks, but I’m hoping I get it sooner than that. 

I finally broke down and placed my order because the wig I chose seems like it will be so natural on me. From what I’ve seen the texture is really similar to African American hair, and the length is about the length of my hair now. Plus I’ve been itching to straighten my hair, so this should definitely satisfy me. Well, now I’m back off to YouTube to learn as much as I can about making it look natural (and taking care of my hair underneath of course) lol. Until next time, bye guys! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My First Lace Front Wig

  1. tanibyrd

    Just make sure you listen to your hair… I love my wigs but I glued one end then when my hair stylist pulled it out because it was sliding back she pulled my edges with it. And six clips for a whole wig pulled wherever I connected it. This was my experience, (I am a cowgirl and I’m outside sweating a lot so mine would slip faster).

    1. adoremejay Post author

      Thanks for the advice! I was afraid of glue or tape so I ordered a glueless cap. I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll get someone to sew it down or just use the clips.


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