Quick and Easy

It’s finals week, and I barely have time to sleep much less worry about my hair. I was going to mini twist again so I didn’t have to style it everyday, but time was not on my side! I knew I would have to pull it back, but my hair won’t lay flat in a ponytail unless I’ve just washed it and I brush it back while it’s wet. I’d rather wait until I get home Friday to wash it, because the hard water here leaves my hair dry and tangled. So I went for a cute messy style instead. I threw in some big twists overnight for a little texture. Then I pulled it up (without brushing) for that messy look, and threw on a headband so the front didn’t look quite as puffy. I left a few pieces out near the front, partly to look messy, and partly because it wouldn’t stay back even with the headband lol. Those pieces are actually natural (eep! ^_^) so I just twirled them around my finger to get a curly look. And voila! A quick but cute ponytail.



It’s not the best style, but hey, it’s finals week. I deserve some credit for not letting it go wild like it was lol 🙂


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