Any Lace Wig Experts Out There?

I want a nice protective style for the winter, and it seems like lace wigs may be the winner. I don’t really like braids so that’s out. And I hate the thought of not being able to get  to my hair and scalp when I want, so weave is out too. I figured a lace wig would be a nice middle ground. I can take it off every night to let my hair breath, and take care of it how I want (washing, moisturizing, etc.) whenever I want

My only problem is I really know nothing about them. I mean, I’ve learned a little from Google and YouTube, but I don’t know if that can stand up to the real thing. I see all these “experts” apply their wigs, and make it look like it’s growing out of their head. I’m afraid I’ll get hyped up thinking I’m going to look great like them, and then end up looking like an old lady wearing a wig.

I’ve already seen two wigs that I like online, for decent prices (well, decent for human hair lace wigs anyway). So right now, I’m just at the point where I’m wondering if this will be a good investment. I don’t want to waste that type of money just to find out that lace wigs don’t work for me. I’m hoping some lace front wearers are reading this because I have a few questions.

1. Has anyone ever bought a lace wig from aliexpress? I know it’s cheaper there, but cheaper doesn’t always equal good. The reviews on the hair I like seem decent, so is it a good idea to get a wig from that site?

2. How do I make the wig look less….wig-y? It doesn’t have to look like my natural hair, but I at least want it to look like a good weave. I would hate to walk around with an obvious wig.

3. How do you cut and style it without messing it up?

4. Any other tips to a first timer? Any wisdom or advice is greatly appreciated.

It won’t get cold here for another month or two, so I have a little time to make my decision. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Any Lace Wig Experts Out There?

  1. LetmebeRae

    I say ask this question to the women on They always have good advice and I’m sure there are plenty of women on there that can give you some tips. I’ve never worn a wig before either so I personally won’t be of much help to you lol


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