My Current Hair Regimen & Growth



My current hair regimen is pretty simple, at least to me. I used to be a product junkie, but I’m trying to cut back and only use what I need.

1. Protein  Deep Condition with ORS Hair Mayo & olive oil under a plastic cap for about an hour. Some people don’t agree with DCing dry, but I wouldn’t be able to detangle without it!

2. Rinse and detangle.

3. Shampoo with Creme of Nature Sulfate Free Argon Oil Moisture and Shine

4. Squeeze out as much water as possible. Then Moisture Deep Condition with Aussie 3 minute miracle while I shower.

5. Make sure my hair is thoroughly detangled then final rinse in cool water. 

6. ACV rinse once a month

7. T-shirt dry my hair (no rubbing)

8. Add Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave In & seal with an oil (olive, coconut, or a tea tree oil mix I have) I recently bought castor oil so I may try that.

I usually like to do a light moisturizing oil while wet, because sometimes I remoisturize and seal when my hair is dry.

I wash once a week, air dry, and style depending on how I feel.

Most days I let my hair dry, moisturize & seal again, then pull it back in a bun.

If I want a style I add a serum and either twist or flexi rod my hair.






The photo is about 10 weeks (2.5 months) post relaxer. The front of my hair seems to have a looser wavy/kinky pattern. The middle or crown had a tighter kinky pattern. I can never get a good picture of the crown because it’s so thick. Maybe it’ll be more obvious when it grows out a little more. 

I’m currently almost 13 weeks post.


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